Revolutionizing Home Living: Xiaomi Launch Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator


Xiaomi, a trailblazer in technological innovation, has introduced the Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator to the Chinese market, captivating users with a blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design. Priced at an attractive 2399 Yuan ($337), this refrigerator is set to redefine daily living.

Revolutionizing Home Living: Xiaomi Unveils Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator

Unveiling the French Door Marvel

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a French door refrigerator is a three-door style known for its distinctive design and features. Celebrated for its convenience, organizational prowess, and aesthetic charm, it has become a favorite among consumers.

Specifications That Command Attention

The Mijia 616L French door refrigerator distinguishes itself with its capacious 616-liter interior, catering to large families or those with a penchant for ample grocery storage. Organized into 20 sections, including a 388-liter refrigeration compartment and a 228-liter freezer, its practical and stylish design showcases a sleek Ice Feather White finish, resistant to oil stains and effortlessly cleanable. Noteworthy features include two rows of cola space on the door shelf and double-row placement on the refrigerator shelves.

Smart Features for Modern Living

In the realm of intelligent capabilities, the Mijia 616L takes center stage. Boasting an LED touch control panel, four cooling modes, and compatibility with the Mi Home app and Xiao Ai Assistant for voice control, it facilitates seamless adjustments and remote control of temperature settings and modes.

Emphasizing Convenience and Aesthetics

This intelligent refrigerator prioritizes user convenience and aesthetic appeal. Equipped with top-mounted LED lighting for gentle illumination, a 90° opening door for easy access, and adjustable shelves for flexible storage, it marries functionality with elegance.

Energy Efficiency and Innovative Technologies

The Mijia 616L achieves high energy efficiency with a Level 1 rating, consuming a mere 0.99 kWh per day. Operating quietly at 36 decibels, it leverages dual inverter technology, frost-free cooling, a silver ion antibacterial odor removal system, and intelligent automatic defrosting.

Excelling in food preservation! It boasts a quick-freezing capacity of 7.5kg in 12 hours and integrates four temperature sensors for precise cooling control.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

Prospective buyers should take note of the packaging dimensions (972x770x1862 mm) to ensure hassle-free delivery and installation through narrow spaces or entrances.

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Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator

Explore Xiaomi’s revolutionary Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator – a perfect blend of style and technology for modern living.

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