Xiaomi 13T Gets an Upgrade: HyperOS Global and Android 14


Xiaomi for All is thrilled to bring you the latest update on Xiaomi’s flagship, the Xiaomi 13T. The device is now receiving the HyperOS Global and Android 14 update, marking it as the second in the flagship series to benefit from this enhancement. Following in the footsteps of the Xiaomi 11T, the 13T model promises an even more immersive user experience.

Unlock the full potential of your Xiaomi 13T with the HyperOS Global and Android 14 update. Stay ahead with Xiaomi for All.
Xiaomi 13T HyperOS Update

Mi Pilot Exclusive: HyperOS Global Unleashed

Just like its predecessors, the HyperOS Global update for Xiaomi 13T is initially available exclusively to Mi Pilots, the dedicated community of Beta Testers under Xiaomi’s program. The update, delivered through ROM Global, bears the build number OS1.0.1.0.UMFMIXM, signifying its focus on the Global branch. This limited release ensures a controlled environment for testing and improvement before widespread availability.

For those unfamiliar with the term, MIUI and HyperOS are closely related, and it’s essential to understand their various branches. The update’s bug fixes and performance enhancements are actively monitored by Mi Pilots, ensuring a seamless experience for all users once the Over-The-Air (OTA) update is launched.

What’s New: HyperOS Global and Android 14 Features

HyperOS, a revolutionary operating system, integrates Linux and Xiaomi Vela to deliver unparalleled performance. Xiaomi 13T users can expect compatibility with over 200 device categories and more than 200 processors, showcasing the system’s versatility, from smart home modules to smartphones.

HyperOS Technical Advancements

  1. Graphic Subsystem Enhancement:
    Enjoy high-quality rendering with realistic color blending.
  2. File Subsystem Improvement:
    Boost IO performance and reduce storage space needed for updates.
  3. Network Subsystem Optimization:
    Effectively address latency and disconnection issues for enhanced online experiences.
  4. Memory Subsystem Optimization:
    Optimize app launches and background application management.

HyperMind: The Intelligent Hub

HyperOS introduces the Xiaomi HyperMind, a groundbreaking “thinking center” that actively learns user habits, offering personalized and proactive services. This marks a significant step forward in interconnecting devices in the era of active intelligence.

Downloading HyperOS Global for Xiaomi 13T

It’s important to note that Mi Pilot updates, while exclusive and exciting, may come with bugs. For this reason, we advise against updating unless you are part of the Mi Pilot community to avoid potential smartphone issues. If you’re a Mi Pilot and ready to dive in, you can find the download link here.

Xiaomi for All encourages users to exercise caution during the installation process, as it involves recovery and counts as modding. If users encounter difficulties or are unsure about the modding procedure, we recommend waiting for the upcoming OTA update, which will be available shortly.

Download HyperOS Global and Android 14 for Xiaomi 13T | Recovery | Mi Pilot

Xiaomi 13T HyperOS Update

Unlock the full potential of your Xiaomi 13T with the HyperOS Global and Android 14 update. Stay ahead with Xiaomi for All.

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The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Xiaomi for All does not endorse or encourage users to update their Xiaomi 13T devices unless they are part of the Mi Pilot community. Mi Pilot updates may contain bugs, and non-Mi Pilots updating their devices could lead to unforeseen issues or device malfunctions. Users are advised to exercise caution during the installation process and consider waiting for the official Over-The-Air (OTA) update for a more stable experience. Xiaomi for All is not responsible for any damages incurred during the installation of updates mentioned in this article.

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