Xiaomi and Panasonic: Shaping the Future of Air Conditioning


A Game-Changing Partnership

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant, and Panasonic, a powerhouse in Japan, have joined forces. They aim to revolutionize the air conditioning market in China. At the 2023 Xiaomi IoT Ecology Partner Conference, Jin Hailong, President of Guangzhou Panasonic Air Conditioner Co., Ltd., highlighted this eco-friendly collaboration. This partnership marks Panasonic’s entry into Xiaomi’s ecosystem, signaling a new era in smart climate control technology.

Xiaomi and Panasonic’s collaboration has been in the pipeline since 2018. After five years of negotiations, the partnership finally materialized this year. On June 30, the companies announced their joint venture to produce and develop air conditioning units. They aspire to capture a significant share of the Chinese market, the largest globally. Panasonic plans to shift some of its domestic air conditioner production for the Japanese market from Guangzhou, China, to Shiga, Japan, during this fiscal year. This move will free up capacity at the Guangzhou facility to manufacture Xiaomi-branded air conditioners as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Discover how Xiaomi and Panasonic are joining forces to revolutionize air conditioning with smart, eco-friendly solutions.

Breaking Into a Competitive Market

The Chinese air conditioning market, dominated by appliance manufacturers like Midea Group and Gree Electric, now welcomes a new player: Xiaomi. Standing out with its innovative approach, Xiaomi manufactures air conditioners that can be controlled via smartphones and smart speakers. By partnering with Panasonic, Xiaomi is set to expand further, developing new technologies.

Under their strategic cooperation agreement, the two companies will also combine their technological expertise. They have already worked together on air conditioners with purification functions and Xiaomi’s “Super Energy-Saving” models. Future plans include features like internet connectivity.

August this year saw the launch of the first Xiaomi air conditioner produced by Panasonic. September followed with the debut of the first Xiaomi refrigerator made by Panasonic. Going forward, the partnership will extend to various home appliance categories.

Xiaomi-Panasonic CollaborationsLaunch Date
Air ConditionerAugust 2023
RefrigeratorSeptember 2023

Innovation at the Forefront

This partnership is more than a business venture; it’s a leap towards the future of home climate technology. Xiaomi’s expertise in IoT and smart home solutions, combined with Panasonic’s prowess in durable and efficient appliances, sets the stage for innovative products. Consumers can expect air conditioners that not only cool their homes but also integrate seamlessly with their smart home ecosystems.

The synergies between Xiaomi and Panasonic are poised to disrupt the traditional air conditioning market. Their focus on energy efficiency, smart technology integration, and user-friendly interfaces aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of modern consumers. Moreover, as environmental concerns become increasingly paramount, their commitment to eco-friendly solutions places them ahead of the curve.

As Xiaomi for All, we’re excited to witness and share every development from this collaboration. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Xiaomi and Panasonic’s journey to redefine air conditioning and home appliances.


In conclusion, the Xiaomi-Panasonic partnership is set to transform the air conditioning industry. Combining Xiaomi’s smart technology with Panasonic’s manufacturing excellence, they are poised to offer innovative, eco-friendly, and smartly integrated home climate solutions. This collaboration not only strengthens both brands’ positions in the competitive market but also promises to bring cutting-edge technology to homes worldwide.

Xiaomi Panasonic Air Conditioning

Discover how Xiaomi and Panasonic are joining forces to revolutionize air conditioning with smart, eco-friendly solutions.

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