Unveiling Xiaomi’s Global Offensive with New Foldables


Xiaomi Foldables – Xiaomi for All brings you exclusive insights into Xiaomi‘s latest move to challenge global smartphone giants, including Samsung and OnePlus, with the launch of new foldable devices this year.

Unveiling Xiaomi's Global Offensive with New Foldables

Mix Flip: A Global Rival for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip6

In an exciting leak, it’s revealed that Xiaomi is gearing up to introduce new foldable smartphones in the renowned Mix series. The spotlight is on the Mix Flip, a clamshell-style foldable poised to be a direct competitor to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip6. This device, already certified in China, signals Xiaomi’s strategic push into the global market. Leaker Kartikey Singh spills the beans, indicating Xiaomi’s plan to launch these foldable wonders globally this year.

Diversification Beyond Mix 5: The Suirenshi and More

Contrary to expectations of a Mix 5 release, Xiaomi is set to diversify its portfolio with innovative devices. Among them is the “Suirenshi,” a bezel-less smartphone featuring two under-display cameras. Additionally, Xiaomi is making waves with its debut clamshell-style foldable, anticipated to be named the Mix Flip.

Mix Fold 4: Premium Hardware and Global Ambitions

While details about the Mix Flip and Mix Fold 4 remain shrouded in mystery, Xiaomi enthusiasts can anticipate cutting-edge features. Premium hardware, highlighted by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, is expected to power these devices. According to our insider source, these highly-anticipated foldables are slated for an October release, aligning with the launches of the Google Pixel Fold 2 and OnePlus Open 2.

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Xiaomi Foldables

Explore Xiaomi‘s foray into the global foldable smartphone arena with the Mix Flip and Mix Fold 4. Get the latest updates on cutting-edge technology.

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Xiaomi Foldables

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