Xiaomi Unveils Its First Microwave Oven Outside of China


Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese tech giant, is renowned for its extensive range of devices that span both smart and non-smart categories. Now, breaking new ground, Xiaomi is introducing its highly popular microwave oven outside of China, marking its foray into global kitchens, including Europe.

Xiaomi Unveils Its First Microwave Oven Outside of China

Introducing the Xiaomi Microwave Oven

While Xiaomi’s move into microwaves might seem unorthodox, it underscores the brand’s commitment to diversifying its product offerings. Unlike its typical smart devices, the Xiaomi Microwave Oven doesn’t feature smart functions. Nonetheless, it embodies Xiaomi’s signature traits of quality, functionality, and sleek design.

Key Features

Powerful PerformanceWith a maximum power of 700W, efficiently heats beverages or snacks in under a minute.
360-Degree Wave DistributionEnsures even distribution of waves around food items, eliminating cold spots for thorough cooking.
Versatile Cooking ModesFive power levels facilitate various cooking tasks such as defrosting, cooking fish, soups, sauces.
Generous Capacity20-liter capacity accommodates most food items commonly prepared in microwaves.
User-Friendly ControlsIntuitive dials for selecting functions and power levels, alongside a single-button door opener.
Easy MaintenanceRemovable and washable plate simplifies cleaning, enhancing user convenience.
Xiaomi Microwave Oven

Global Expansion

The appearance of this Microwave Oven on Xiaomi’s official global website hints at its imminent release outside of China, potentially reaching European markets, including Spain. Priced around €60-€70, it’s expected to offer an affordable yet high-quality option for consumers.


Xiaomi‘s venture into the microwave market signifies its ambition to penetrate diverse consumer segments with innovative and competitively priced products. As anticipation builds for its global release, Xiaomi continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering quality solutions for everyday needs.

Xiaomi Microwave Oven

Xiaomi Microwave Oven

Explore Xiaomi’s latest innovation – the Microwave Oven, designed to deliver efficient and convenient cooking experiences. Discover its features and global expansion plans.

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