Xiaomi MIJIA Dictionary Pen: A Revolution in Translation


Xiaomi, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, has once again redefined tech boundaries. This time, with the MIJIA Dictionary Pen. Originally crowdfunded and anticipated by many, this ingenious tool has finally hit the Chinese market, retailing at a very affordable 699 Yuan (approximately $96). At Xiaomi for All, we’re as excited as you are to dive deep into what this new device has to offer!

A Glimpse into the Features

Imagine translating multi-line or full-page photos with just one tool. The MIJIA Dictionary Pen does just that with its advanced laser-assisted scanner. No longer do you need to type out text from a book or screen. This smart pen captures, scans, and converts photo translations into editable text, all in mere seconds.

Xiaomi MIJIA Dictionary Pen: A Revolution in Translation

Capturing Text Made Simple

Equipped with a camera that’s designed to capture entire paragraphs, sharing the scanned text and images across multiple platforms has never been easier. Be it editing, printing, or sharing across devices, the pen has got you covered. Plus, its slim screen interface ensures you can preview scanned text without any hassles.

Beyond Just Scanning

But this pen is not just about scanning. It goes the extra mile. With dual microphones, it’s primed for impeccable recording. And for those noisy environments? Xiaomi has incorporated AI noise-reduction algorithms ensuring crystal-clear voice translations.

Xiaomi MIJIA Dictionary Pen: A Revolution in Translation

Language Barriers? What’s That?

This Dictionary Pen isn’t just a tool; it’s a bridge connecting various languages. From English, Chinese, Japanese, to Russian, German, and more, it supports multiple language translations. And with a staggering 99 percent success rate in recognizing English and Chinese OCR text, Xiaomi stands tall in its claim of excellence.

A Rich Vocabulary At Your Fingertips

For those who crave depth in their translations, Xiaomi doesn’t disappoint. The MIJIA Dictionary Pen boasts support for over 15 million English and Chinese words. It draws from reputable sources such as the Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary and Kingsoft PowerWord, not to mention numerous other local Chinese dictionaries.

Get Yours Now!

If this innovative gadget has piqued your interest, you’ll be pleased to know it’s available for purchase on JD.com at its introductory price.

Xiaomi MIJIA Dictionary Pen699 Yuan

At Xiaomi for All, we’re committed to keeping you updated on the latest and greatest from Xiaomi. Stay tuned for more exciting product news!

Xiaomi MIJIA Dictionary Pen

Dive into the features of the Xiaomi MIJIA Dictionary Pen, Xiaomi’s latest innovative tool for capturing, translating, and sharing text seamlessly.

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