Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine Revolutionizes Laundry


The much-anticipated Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine Direct Drive drum 10kg in Ice White has officially hit the Chinese market, marking a significant stride in home laundry technology. Xiaomi for All brings you an exclusive look at the revolutionary features that make this washing machine a game-changer.

Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine Revolutionizes Laundry

Cutting-Edge Cleaning Technology

Xiaomi MIJIA has introduced cutting-edge direct drive technology, ensuring a remarkable 1:1 cleaning ratio. This means a more efficient and thorough cleaning process for your laundry. The drum’s 10kg capacity allows for sizable loads, catering to the diverse needs of households.

User-Friendly Interface

The MIJIA washing machine boasts a vibrant display panel, simplifying operation and function identification for users. Its sleek design complements its powerful performance, offering not just cleanliness but also an aesthetic appeal to your laundry area.

Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine Revolutionizes Laundry

Superior Sterilization and Cleaning

The ultra-clean drum, coupled with a DD direct-drive motor, achieves a 99.999% sterilization rate and 100% mite removal rate. The machine supports steam sterilization, making it a hygienic choice for your family’s clothes. In the era of heightened health consciousness, Xiaomi MIJIA prioritizes your well-being.

Customized Care Programs

With 25 exclusive care programs catering to different fabrics such as wool, silk, and cotton, the MIJIA washing machine takes fabric care to the next level. Specialized care options for infant and child clothing, as well as underwear, demonstrate Xiaomi’s commitment to providing a comprehensive laundry solution.

Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine Revolutionizes Laundry

Smart Connectivity

The MIJIA app serves as a seamless companion, enabling users to control the washing machine remotely in real-time. This app supports OTA online upgrades, ensuring your laundry system evolves intelligently. Additionally, compatibility with Xiaoai voice control allows for hands-free management of laundry tasks.

Pricing and Pre-Sale Details

As of now, the Xiaomi MIJIA direct drive drum 10kg washing machine is available for pre-sale on various retail platforms, including JD.com. Priced at 1,399 yuan ($196), this ice white masterpiece offers affordability alongside advanced features. Global availability and pricing details are yet to be disclosed.

In conclusion, Xiaomi for All invites you to embrace the future of laundry with the MIJIA washing machine. Its innovative technology, user-friendly features, and commitment to cleanliness make it a standout choice for households seeking an upgrade. Stay tuned for updates on global availability, and make your laundry experience smarter and more efficient with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine

Explore the revolutionary features of the Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machine, delivering cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and superior cleaning for a smarter laundry experience.

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