Xiaomi SU7 Mass Production: Accelerating into the Future


Xiaomi for All brings you exclusive insights into the imminent mass production of Xiaomi’s SU7, set to kick off in mid to late February. This groundbreaking development promises to reshape the landscape of smart mobility, and here’s everything you need to know.

Xiaomi's SU7 Mass Production: Accelerating into the Future

The Countdown to Production

As local media reports from China suggest, the SU7’s mass production is scheduled to commence post the Chinese New Year break, precisely around February 19. Strategically avoiding the festival interruption, Xiaomi plans a gradual acceleration in production.

Slow Start, Swift Surge

Anticipate a slow start with only 2,000 units projected for March. However, don’t be deceived by the initial modest numbers. Production is expected to pick up momentum swiftly, reaching a noteworthy 10,000 units by July, setting the stage for Xiaomi’s automotive dominance.

Xiaomi SU7 Mass Production

Xiaomi SU7 Mass Production: The Roadmap Unveiled

Following the production kick-off, the first batch of deliveries is imminent. While exact dates remain undisclosed, stay tuned as Xiaomi for All promises to keep you updated on this groundbreaking development. Brace yourselves for an era where innovation meets the road.

Pricing Insights

Finally, speculations on the top-tier SU7 Max pricing indicate CNY 361,400 (approximately $50,950). In the coming weeks, as Xiaomi unveils official details, we’ll confirm whether this figure aligns with the anticipated market value.

Xiaomi SU7 Mass Production

Embracing the Future with Xiaomi

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Xiaomi SU7 Mass Production

Explore the imminent mass production of Xiaomi’s SU7, reshaping the future of smart mobility. Get exclusive insights on production timelines, delivery expectations, and pricing details.

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