Xiaomi Unveils a Powerhouse: The 140W Charger


Xiaomi, a brand synonymous with innovation, has just expanded its array of transformers with the introduction of a new gem: the Xiaomi 140W Charger. This isn’t just your typical charger. It’s a dynamic powerhouse that doesn’t merely excel in rapid charging but also comes equipped with a total of three outlets and numerous protective mechanisms against electrical mishaps.

Imagine this: You have a laptop that requires 65W for charging and a smartphone with a 67W rapid charging capacity. With the new Xiaomi 140W Charger, you can power both these devices simultaneously. And there’s room for more! Perhaps a smart bracelet or another device? It’s all possible and simultaneous.

Beyond Power: The Technicalities and Design

The Xiaomi 140W Charger isn’t just about raw power. It aligns with a majority of the fast charging protocols present in today’s tech landscape, such as QC, PD, and UFCS1.0. And while powerful, it remains diligent in ensuring the safety of your devices. It boasts multiple protective systems against issues like short circuits and overcurrent.

But the prowess of this charger doesn’t end with its capabilities. In terms of design, the Xiaomi 140W Charger is remarkably compact. Despite dishing out a staggering 140W, it weighs a mere 199 grams and sports dimensions of 65.5x65x30mm. Plus, it’s accompanied by a robust USB Type C to USB Type C cable, built to handle currents up to 6A.

Pricing and Availability

Wondering about the price tag? As of now, the Xiaomi 140W Charger is gracing the shelves in China with a price of 399 yuan, roughly translating to 51 euros. And if you’re outside China, don’t fret. We anticipate it won’t be long before it’s accessible on platforms like AliExpress or makes its official debut on the global market.

Quick Specs:

Total Power140W
Outlets2x USB Type C, 1x USB Type A
Rapid Charging120W per outlet
Weight199 grams
Included CableUSB Type C to USB Type C
Protection MechanismsShort circuit, overcurrent, and more

Xiaomi 140W Charger

Description: Discover the new Xiaomi 140W Charger, a compact powerhouse with rapid charging capabilities, available now for tech enthusiasts everywhere.

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