Xiaomi Unveils Innovative Smart Home Panel


Affordable Control at Your Fingertips

Xiaomi for All is thrilled to announce Xiaomi’s groundbreaking Smart Home Panel, crowdfunded at a modest starting price of only 299 Yuan (approximately $41). This innovative wall-mounted central control screen is not just a display but also incorporates smart switches, making it a compact and affordable package. Through our dynamic crowdfunding campaign, you have the unique opportunity to obtain this advanced technology at a discounted price, exclusively on Xiaomi Youpin.

Xiaomi Unveils Innovative Smart Home Panel

Feature-Rich Smart Home Panel

Our Xiaomi Smart Home Panel is a versatile addition to Xiaomi’s extensive line of smart products designed to engage and benefit tech-savvy consumers worldwide. The panel effortlessly fits into an 86-box without necessitating modifications, reflecting its user-friendly design. With its three physical buttons and a 3.23-inch touch display, the Smart Home Panel provides seamless control over all connected devices, including those enabled with Bluetooth Mesh.

Unprecedented Device Compatibility

Impressively, the Xiaomi Smart Home Panel can manage over 5,500 smart devices and 100 Bluetooth sub-devices that support the Bluetooth Mesh gateway, thus offering unparalleled device compatibility and control. Furthermore, it supports the creation and operation of personalized smart scenes and smart device linkages, providing users with a customized and intuitive smart home experience.

Reliable and User-Centric Design

One of the standout features of the Xiaomi Smart Home Panel is its reliability. The panel remains functional even when network connectivity is lost, with direct touch input always accessible. For users who prefer voice controls, the device comes equipped with XiaoAI voice control, supporting various functions such as alarm setting and operation execution on smart devices.

Xiaomi Unveils Innovative Smart Home Panel

Grab Yours Today!

Don’t miss out! The Xiaomi Smart Home Panel, available in both sleek White and Grey color options, is now up for grabs at 299 Yuan (approximately $41) on the Xiaomi YouPin website. Dive into the future of smart home technology with this innovative and affordable solution designed for tech enthusiasts like you!

Smart Home Panel Specifications Table

Product TypeWall-mounted Smart Home Panel
Display Size3.23-inch touch display
ControlTouch Input, Voice Command via XiaoAI
ButtonsThree physical buttons
ConnectivityCompatible with Bluetooth Mesh-enabled devices
Device CompatibilityControls over 5,500 smart devices and 100 Bluetooth sub-devices
Colors AvailableWhite and Grey
Price (at launch)299 Yuan (Approx. $41)
AvailabilityXiaomi YouPin website
Smart Scene SupportYes, with customization options

Clarification Paragraph

Please be advised that this article does not constitute an offer, and no products are sold on the Xiaomi for All website. The prices mentioned herein are accurate as of the writing of this article and are subject to change over time without notice. For up-to-date pricing and product availability, kindly refer to the official Xiaomi YouPin website or authorized Xiaomi distributors and retailers. We aim to provide accurate and current information, but prices may vary due to factors beyond our control. Always ensure to check the latest prices and product specifications before making any purchasing decisions.

Xiaomi Smart Home Panel

Get your hands on the futuristic and affordable Xiaomi Smart Home Panel, offering unmatched control over a myriad of smart devices!

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