Xiaomi’s Spectacular TV Release: The S Pro Mini LED Series


Exciting news for all tech enthusiasts out there! Xiaomi, a brand we all admire and adore, has released its latest gem: the S Pro Mini LED TV Series. Showcased with a stunning 4K 144Hz display and powered by Mini LED backlighting, it promises an unparalleled viewing experience. And guess what? It’s already a massive hit in China!

A Sensational Debut for the S Pro Mini LED TV

Sold in two grand sizes – 65 and 75 inches, these TVs are priced from a mere 4,299 yuan (around 550 euros). But it’s not just about affordability. With Mini LED technology, viewers can anticipate higher brightness, enhanced contrast, and true-to-life colors. This powerful combination guarantees an exceptional image quality that’s second to none.

Explore Xiaomi's latest masterpiece: the S Pro Mini LED TV Series, a blend of stunning 4K display, Mini LED technology, and top-tier hardware.

Skyrocketing Demand, And Xiaomi’s Answer

Chinese fans can’t seem to get enough of the S Pro Mini LED series. The flagship versions were snapped up so quickly that stocks ran dry! Reacting swiftly, Xiaomi has declared an investment in a new fully automated production line, exclusively for the Mini LED panels of this series. This move is set to significantly ramp up the volume of the S Pro Mini LED TVs, making them more accessible to eager consumers.

Gamer’s Delight and Technological Marvel

Besides its celebrated Mini LED technology, another noteworthy feature of this series is its 4K 144Hz panel. This integrates with a 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, making it a dream for gamers craving that high refresh rate visual thrill. For those who love the specifics, the 65-inch model boasts 896 backlight partitions, while the 75-inch one has a whopping 1,152. And the peak brightness? A blazing 2,200 nits, nearly seven times that of the sun’s core brightness.

Calibrated to perfection right from the factory, this panel promises professional color accuracy of DeltaE≈1 and a display spectrum of 1.07 billion colors. What’s more, it synchronizes flawlessly with Xiaomi tablets, phones, and other devices. This ensures consistent coloration across screens, enhancing the overall chromatic experience. Amplified with the Master Image Quality Engine, the display’s color accuracy, contrast, clarity, and other aspects reach pinnacle excellence, truly showcasing the Mini LED image quality benefits.

A Peek Into The Hardware

Diving deeper into its core, the S Pro TVs, both 65 and 75 inches, are powered by a quad-core A73 processor. Complementing this is a 4GB RAM, a spacious 64GB storage, and an impressive 30W audio output. As a cherry on top, it supports Wi-Fi 6 and is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 interfaces.

Xiaomi S Pro Mini LED TV Series

Description: Explore Xiaomi’s latest masterpiece: the S Pro Mini LED TV Series, a blend of stunning 4K display, Mini LED technology, and top-tier hardware.

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