Xiaomi’s HyperOS Launcher Update Resolves Gesture Navigation Issues


Xiaomi for All is excited to announce the latest update to the HyperOS launcher, bringing an end to the frustrating gesture navigation issues that users have been experiencing.

Xiaomi's Latest HyperOS Launcher Update Resolves Gesture Navigation Issues

Addressing User Concerns with HyperOS Launcher

HyperOS offers numerous advantages over MIUI, its predecessor, and we have a full post about it (check it out here). However, it’s essential to acknowledge that being a new operating system, it may come with its own set of glitches. One such issue that users faced was with the built-in launcher’s gesture navigation system.

Introducing HyperOS Launcher Version V4.39.12.6878-01091418

With the recent update to version V4.39.12.6878-01091418, Xiaomi has not only resolved the gesture navigation issues but has also incorporated various bug fixes and performance enhancements, ensuring a smoother user experience overall.

HyperOS Launcher Update

Enhancements and Fixes

Many users reported errors such as misexecuted touches and incorrect touch responses when using gesture-based navigation. Xiaomi has diligently addressed these issues to provide users with a more seamless navigation experience.

Testing the Update

While the update aims to solve these issues, only time and user feedback will determine its effectiveness. Users are encouraged to install the latest update and provide feedback to Xiaomi for All regarding its performance and any remaining concerns.

HyperOS Launcher Update


With Xiaomi‘s commitment to continual improvement, we anticipate that the HyperOS launcher will continue to evolve, providing users with an increasingly refined experience. Stay tuned to Xiaomi for All for the latest updates and developments.

Gesture NavigationResolves issues with misexecuted touches and incorrect touch responses during navigation.
Bug FixesAddresses various bugs reported by users to improve overall stability and performance.
Performance EnhancementsIncorporates optimizations to ensure smoother operation and faster responsiveness.
User FeedbackEncourages users to provide feedback to further refine the launcher’s functionality.
Key features of the HyperOS launcher update.

HyperOS Launcher Update

Discover how Xiaomi for All’s latest update to the HyperOS launcher resolves gesture navigation issues and enhances user experience. Keep up with the latest developments in Xiaomi technology.

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