Will HyperOS Arrive on the POCO X3 Pro? What We Know from Xiaomi


If you own a POCO X3 Pro, you’re probably wondering if it will update to HyperOS. This has become one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received in recent months, and for many, it will determine whether to upgrade their smartphone or not. HyperOS has become one of the most anticipated updates, with Xiaomi managing to reignite interest with a customization layer that promises not only better performance and fluidity than MIUI but also overall smoother and error-free operation.

Will HyperOS Arrive on the POCO X3 Pro? What We Know from Xiaomi

HyperOS: What’s the Buzz All About?

According to Xiaomi, HyperOS has been developed from scratch, taking into account the flaws of MIUI. Additionally, artificial intelligence plays a more significant role, implemented in the form of new tools and customization options. All of this, alongside a facelift, achieves a much more minimalist and intuitive interface.

HyperOS POCO X3 Pro

The Journey of POCO X3 Pro

The POCO X3 Pro was unveiled on March 22, 2021. It’s been almost three years since then, and yet it remains very relevant not only among the brand’s most loyal user base but also in the market. This is despite the introduction of the POCO X6 Pro 5G, which already comes with HyperOS. If we delve into the Xiaomi Security Center, we can find all the smartphones that no longer have official support. Fortunately, the POCO X3 Pro is not among them, but this doesn’t mean its update is imminent.

Insight from MIUIROM

MIUIROM makes it clear that Xiaomi hasn’t started any HyperOS testing for this model. In other words, there’s no internal beta linking this new customization layer with the device. In summary, Xiaomi hasn’t confirmed that the POCO X3 Pro has reached the end of its life cycle, but it also hasn’t initiated any HyperOS testing for it. It’s most likely that the POCO X3 Pro will cease to receive official support this year and, consequently, will fade away with MIUI 14.

HyperOS POCO X3 Pro

Conclusion: What Lies Ahead?

It’s essential to note that since its debut, the POCO X3 Pro has been updated not only from MIUI 12 but also from Android 11. While there’s uncertainty about whether HyperOS will land on the POCO X3 Pro, it’s clear that Xiaomi is continually striving to enhance the user experience across its product lineup.

HyperOS POCO X3 Pro

Stay updated on the possibility of HyperOS arriving on the POCO X3 Pro. Learn what Xiaomi has revealed and what lies ahead for this device.
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