Introducing the Formovie Xming Q3 Pro: Xiaomi’s Game-Changer in Home Projection


Formovie, a brand synonymous with quality in the smart home projector segment, has once again piqued the interest of tech enthusiasts globally. Proudly presenting the Xming Q3 Pro, this addition to the Xiaomi family sets a new standard in smart home projection.

A Deep Dive into the Xming Q3 Pro’s Features

This high-end projector boasts a crisp 1080p resolution with a lightning-fast 120Hz refresh rate. Imagine transforming your living space with visuals stretching up to 120-inches wide – that’s a massive 305 cm for those who prefer the metric system.

Introducing the Formovie Xming Q3 Pro: Xiaomi's Game-Changer in Home Projection

Diving deeper into the specs:

  • Luminosity & Light Source:
    It’s powered by the PhotonX light source, promising up to 15,000 hours of viewing pleasure. Moreover, with up to 500 CVIA lumens brightness, your viewing experience is nothing short of cinematic.
  • Projection Specs:
    The 1.26-1.36:1 throw ratio combined with a 2,000:1 contrast ratio ensures vibrant, detailed visuals. The AI image enhancement tech takes it a step further, making every frame pop.
  • Fine-tuning the Visuals:
    The Q3 Pro isn’t just about raw power; it’s smart. With features like auto-focus, automatic obstacle avoidance, and screen fit tools, setting up your movie night becomes a breeze.
  • Audio & Connectivity:
    Dual 5W speakers from Boston Acoustics with Dolby Audio support ensure that the sound matches the impeccable visuals. Wi-Fi 6 connectivity means seamless streaming, while HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.0 ports keep you connected with all your devices.
  • For the Gamers:
    A mere 10ms input lag coupled with the aforementioned 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth gameplay.
  • Voice & App Control:
    We live in the age of smart homes, and the Q3 Pro doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re shouting commands or using the Xiaomi app, controlling this device is intuitive.

Under the hood, it’s driven by the powerful Amlogic T982 CPU and bolstered by a 2+32GB memory setup, all running on the efficient FengOS 3.0.

Introducing the Formovie Xming Q3 Pro: Xiaomi's Game-Changer in Home Projection

Pricing, Availability & Integration

Currently, the Xming Q3 Pro retails at a special price of 1,699 yuan (approximately US$234). This is a steal, considering its standard price is 1,999 yuan (around US$275). As for its availability outside of China, we’re all on the edge of our seats. But with the brand initiating an Indiegogo campaign for another model, the global audience might not have to wait long.

An added bonus? The Xming Q3 Pro integrates seamlessly with the Mijia smart home ecosystem. This ensures that it doesn’t just stand alone but works in harmony with other smart devices in your home.


To sum it up, the Formovie Xming Q3 Pro is not just a projector; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a movie buff, a gamer, or just someone who loves top-notch tech, this device promises to be a worthy addition to your tech arsenal.

Formovie Xming Q3 Pro Smart Home Projector

Description: Dive deep into the features of the Formovie Xming Q3 Pro Smart Home Projector, a game-changer in home projection by Xiaomi.

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