Xiaomi’s Unwavering Global Commitment: Highlights from the 2023 Global Partner Conference


The bustling city of Beijing recently played host to the Xiaomi 2023 Global Partner Conference from October 12th-14th. Themed “Winning Together, Winning Tomorrow”, this momentous event signified Xiaomi’s first physical reunion with global suppliers since 2019. Drawing an impressive crowd, over 600 suppliers, partners, and luminaries from 58 countries and regions came together. Their mission? To delve deep into strategic discussions and chart a vibrant path forward.

Xiaomi’s Unwavering Global Commitment: Highlights from the 2023 Global Partner Conference

Collaborative Vision for the Future

The pulsating heart of the conference was collaboration. Attendees explored ways to fortify a resilient business ecosystem amidst the intricate global landscape. Together, they shared insights on global economic challenges and pioneered collective initiatives. With the future in sight, the conference aimed to empower participants to adeptly steer through changing tides, harness opportunities, and face challenges head-on, all while championing mutual growth and harmony.

A Global Pledge from Xiaomi’s Leadership

Stepping up to the plate, William Lu, Partner & President of Xiaomi Corporation and the guiding force behind Xiaomi International Business Department, articulated Xiaomi’s global vision. “In these testing times, Xiaomi stands unyielding in bringing innovative technology to every corner of the globe,” affirmed Lu. He outlined Xiaomi’s unwavering intent to build trustful, long-lasting collaborations, adopt localized systems, and broaden its reach. “Our ambition for 2024? To elevate our brand, boost efficiency, craft remarkable products at honest prices, and work in tandem with our partners.”

Solidifying Global Partnerships

Xiaomi’s ethos of nurturing lasting, fruitful partnerships shines through in its enhanced supplier system. Recognizing the essence of fostering potent, responsible global connections, Xiaomi is steadfast in its aim for shared triumphs. How? By extending unwavering support via its business and tech partnerships, ensuring both business milestones and sustainability goals are met. Notably, Xiaomi has made a remarkable vow: achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2040.

Dive into the pivotal moments from the Xiaomi 2023 Global Partner Conference, highlighting Xiaomi's robust global initiatives and visions for the future.

Charging Ahead in the Premium Market

A pivot towards the premium domain is a crucial chapter in Xiaomi’s growth story. Hand-in-hand with global partners, Xiaomi has clinched significant achievements. From product innovation to brand evolution and optimizing sales channels, Xiaomi has laid a rock-solid base for its global premium standing. Lei Jun, the visionary Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Corporation, shared, “At Xiaomi, we’re anchored by sincerity and zeal. We’re all in for the long haul, zealously innovating in realms that enrich human lives. Our future? Continual brand elevation, deepening partner ties, and passionately embracing the global market.”

Reflecting on the 2023 Global Partner Conference

This stellar conference stands as a testament to Xiaomi’s pledge to cultivate a mutually rewarding ecosystem. Strengthening our bonds and fueling our drive, the event has propelled Xiaomi’s trajectory towards premium market supremacy. At Xiaomi for All, we’re stoked for what lies ahead. With our global partners by our side, we’re on a mission to craft a luminous future.

A Glimpse into Xiaomi Corporation

Born in April 2010, Xiaomi Corporation made its mark on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2018. Positioned as a consumer electronics juggernaut, it bridges smartphones and smart hardware through a pioneering IoT platform. Marrying innovation with quality, Xiaomi’s quest is simple: empower everyone with groundbreaking tech.

As of Q2 2023, Xiaomi proudly sits among the global smartphone bigwigs. Not to mention, it has the world’s leading consumer AIoT platform with a staggering 654.5 million devices linked. Spread over 100 countries, Xiaomi also celebrated its 5th consecutive Fortune Global 500 listing in August 2023.

Xiaomi 2023 Global Partner Conference

Description: Dive into the pivotal moments from the Xiaomi 2023 Global Partner Conference, highlighting Xiaomi’s robust global initiatives and visions for the future.

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