Xiaomi 60w Cable: Xiaomi Unveils $3 Official Fast Charging Cable


In the realm of charging accessories, official cables crafted by smartphone manufacturers often come with hefty price tags, tailored specifically for their devices. However, Xiaomi renowned for its affordability, disrupts this norm yet again with its latest offering: the Xiaomi 60w Cable.

Xiaomi 60w Cable

Affordable Quality, Unmatched Value

For instance, picture this: your phone desperately needs a charge, and it’s the cable that’s giving you grief. Enter Xiaomi’s solution—a mere $3 for an official, licensed cable. A stark contrast to the steep prices associated with counterparts from brands like Samsung or Apple.

Power and Efficiency in One Cable

Measuring at a convenient 1 meter, Xiaomi’s new cable is perfect for everyday charging needs. Boasting compatibility with smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, and tablets, all while minimizing the risk of tangles. With its sleek white and gray color scheme and TPE rubber construction, durability and flexibility are guaranteed, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

Xiaomi Unveils $3 Official 60W Fast Charging Cable

High-Speed Charging and Data Transfer

Furthermore, functionality meets speed as the cable supports up to 3A current, enabling rapid 60W charging capabilities. Additionally, it comes with a data transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps adhering to the USB 2.0 standard. Efficient file transfers and photo backups are seamlessly facilitated.

Safety First with USB-C

Certainly, Xiaomi prioritizes safety with its latest USB-C to USB-C offering. The data cable comes equipped with various certifications including GB 4943.1-2022, YD/T 1591-2021, and CQC certification. This ensures compliance with stringent safety and quality standards, guaranteeing reliable performance and user safety.

Xiaomi 60w Cable

Xiaomi 60w Cable: Exceptional Value

Altogether, priced at just 19 yuan (approximately $3), Xiaomi’s 60W data cable offers unparalleled value. Currently available for purchase online via JD.com in China. And enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate its availability in Western markets, offering an ultra-affordable backup cable solution.

Xiaomi 60w Cable

Discover Xiaomi’s latest $3 60W fast charging cable, offering unrivaled affordability and quality. Explore its features and global availability now.

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