Unleashing Xiaomi’s Power with the Ultra-thin Power Bank


Xiaomi for All is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to Xiaomi‘s ever-expanding product lineup – the Xiaomi Ultra-thin Power Bank. This portable powerhouse stands out with its exceptional design and features, setting it apart from other brands in terms of both aesthetics and affordability.

Unleashing Xiaomi's Power with the Ultra-thin Power Bank

A Pocket-sized Marvel

The Xiaomi Ultra-thin Power Bank, available for purchase in the Chinese market at a mere 129 yuan (approximately 17 euros), boasts a slim profile of just 10mm thickness. The metal construction, complemented by an NCVM coating, not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability against impacts and scratches. With a weight of only 93 grams, this power bank is a true featherweight, making it an ideal companion that fits seamlessly into any pocket.

Unmatched Performance in a Tiny Package

One of the standout features is the 20W fast charging capability, delivered through a bidirectional USB-C connector. This allows the power bank to charge itself at a maximum power of 18W while simultaneously charging another device at 20W. A small yet functional button on the body enables users to initiate or pause the charging process effortlessly.

Safety First

Xiaomi ensures user safety with built-in security systems, preventing issues such as overheating, overcharging, or damage to the connected device’s battery. Users can rely on the Xiaomi Ultra-thin Power Bank not only for its sleek design and impressive performance but also for its commitment to safety.

Price and Availability

Currently available in China, the Ultra-thin Power Bank is priced at 129 yuan. While there’s no official confirmation regarding a global release, Xiaomi for All is keeping a close eye on any updates that might reveal plans for broader availability.

For more information on Xiaomi’s innovative products, visit Xiaomi China.

Conclusion: Power in Your Pocket

In summary, the Ultra-thin Power Bank redefines convenience, blending style with substance. Its compact design, robust construction, and rapid charging capabilities make it an indispensable gadget for users on the go. As Xiaomi enthusiasts, we eagerly anticipate the possibility of its global launch, making this extraordinary power bank accessible to a broader audience.

Xiaomi Ultra-thin Power Bank

Explore the cutting-edge Xiaomi Ultra-thin Power Bank – a sleek, 20W fast-charging portable device. Discover its slim design, robust performance, and safety features. Stay tuned for updates on global availability.

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