Xiaomi’s Latest Innovation: The Mijia LCD Blackboard


Xiaomi Unveils a Chalk-Free Revolution: The Mijia LCD Blackboard

In the summer of 2019, Xiaomi introduced the MIJIA LCD blackboard in China, marking a significant shift from traditional marker ink to digital ink. Since then, Xiaomi has released this blackboard in various sizes, but the latest model is a game-changer – a massive 39-inch blackboard designed for workspaces, garages, and more. This new blackboard stands out because it’s chalk-free, utilizing a kind of ‘digital ink’ created by light reflection.

Xiaomi's Latest Innovation: The Mijia LCD Blackboard

Mijia LCD Blackboard: A Giant Leap in Technology

The Mijia LCD Blackboard, measuring an impressive 39 inches, boasts a screen-to-body ratio of 98% and a slender 6mm bezel. This design enhances both viewing and writing experiences. One of its standout features is the split-screen function, allowing the creation of a 78-inch display by connecting two Mijia LCD Blackboards, all without physical connectors or magnets.

How does it work? The blackboard uses a custom LCD film, relying on natural light to display handwriting. Its pressure-sensitive writing simulates a smooth, authentic writing experience and eradicates dust pollution and ink stains. Additionally, it features a one-key screen erase function, enabling effortless and traceless clearing.

Affordable and Energy-Efficient

To operate, the blackboard uses just two batteries. With typical use, involving screen clearing about 100 times daily, these batteries can last approximately 280 days, thanks to its low-energy LCD screen.

The price? The Mijia LCD Blackboard starts at 239 yuan (about $30) under a Mijia crowdfunding campaign. Once the campaign succeeds, it will retail for 299 yuan (about $39). Given Xiaomi’s track record, we can anticipate its arrival in Europe soon.

Explore the innovative Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard, a 39-inch digital writing revolution offering dust-free, ink-free technology with a sleek design.

Versatile and User-Friendly

The Xiaomi Mijia LCD blackboard is not only ideal for parental and child interaction but also for office meetings and teaching. It comes equipped with thoughtful features like a silicone pen holder and a lock screen switch to prevent accidental erasures. While it doesn’t include standard wall mounting accessories, it can be easily mounted on the wall using compatible accessories.

Earlier this month, Xiaomi also introduced the Mijia Label Printer, employing thermal technology for efficient, ink-free labeling. It supports custom label lengths, fun functions, and integrates with the Mi Home app, available in China for 119 yuan ($16).

Key Features of the Mijia LCD Blackboard

Size39 inches
Screen-to-Body Ratio98%
BezelUltra-slim, 6mm
Split-Screen SupportConnect two or three units for larger displays
Writing TechnologyCustom LCD film, pressure-sensitive
PowerTwo No. 7 dry batteries, 280 days of battery life
PriceStarting at 239 yuan ($30) under crowdfunding

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s Mijia LCD Blackboard represents a significant advancement in digital writing technology. Its innovative design, environmentally friendly features, and affordability make it a must-have for various settings. This launch reinforces Xiaomi‘s position as a leader in tech innovation, continually bringing cutting-edge, user-friendly products to the market.

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard

Explore the innovative Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard, a 39-inch digital writing revolution offering dust-free, ink-free technology with a sleek design.

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