Xiaomi’s POCO F5 Pro: The Ultimate Mid-Range Powerhouse


A New Benchmark in Value and Performance

The POCO F5 Pro, the latest flagship from Xiaomi‘s POCO lineup, breaks new ground in the mid-range smartphone market. Building on the legacy of its predecessors, it combines high-end features with an attractive price point, making it an exceptional choice for tech enthusiasts seeking performance without breaking the bank.

Technical Specifications: A Deep Dive

Boasting a 6.67-inch OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and Quad HD+ resolution, the POCO F5 Pro promises a vibrant and fluid display experience. This smartphone, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, ensures top-notch performance, whether for gaming or multitasking. Available in two configurations, 8GB + 128GB and 12GB + 256GB, it caters to various user needs.

The camera setup, featuring a 64MP main sensor, 8MP ultra-wide lens, and 2MP macro camera, coupled with a 16MP front camera, promises to capture moments with clarity and precision. The 5,160mAh battery with 67W fast charging and 30W wireless charging capabilities ensures you stay powered throughout the day.

Xiaomi's POCO F5 Pro: The Ultimate Mid-Range Powerhouse

Design and Display: A Mixed Bag of Aesthetics and Excellence

Design Aspects: Room for Improvement

The POCO F5 Pro, while flaunting a sleek design with flat edges and a sturdy button layout, falls a bit short in its choice of materials. The plastic bezels and glossy glass back may not appeal to all, especially when compared to its predecessor, the POCO F3. However, the phone’s grip and overall build quality receive commendations.

Display: A Visual Treat

The front of the POCO F5 Pro is adorned with a display that demands attention. The AMOLED panel’s Quad HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, combined with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility, offer an immersive viewing experience. The screen’s 1,400 nits peak brightness and excellent viewing angles add to its appeal, making it one of the phone’s strongest assets.

Performance and Battery Life: Power Meets Endurance

Peak Performance with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

At its core, the POCO F5 Pro features the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, delivering flagship-level performance. Supported by ample RAM and storage, it effortlessly handles demanding applications and games. However, it’s worth noting that the device can get quite warm during intensive use, although the vapor chamber cooling system does an admirable job of managing heat.

Exceptional Battery Life

The 5,160mAh battery is a standout feature, offering extensive usage times. Whether it’s gaming, 4K recording, or media playback, the phone consistently delivers impressive screen-on time. The 67W fast charging and 30W wireless charging further enhance the user experience by ensuring quick power-ups.

Explore the POCO F5 Pro - Xiaomi's latest mid-range marvel offering flagship features at an unbeatable price. High-performance, stunning display, and impressive camera setup.

POCO F5 Pro Camera: A Surprising Leap Forward

The POCO F5 Pro’s camera system marks a significant improvement over its predecessors. The main camera captures detailed and color-accurate shots, although it occasionally struggles with dynamic range. The ultra-wide lens, while adequate, reveals its limitations in edge sharpness and low-light performance.

Portrait mode impresses with accurate subject separation and pleasing bokeh effects. Night photography, supported by an automatic night mode, produces respectable results, albeit with some loss of shadow detail.

The video capabilities are noteworthy, with 8K recording at 24 FPS, although the front camera is limited to 1080p. While not groundbreaking, the video performance is satisfactory for most users.

Conclusion: A Potent Blend of Price and Performance

The POCO F5 Pro represents a significant step forward for Xiaomi in the mid-range segment. It offers an impressive array of features typically found in higher-priced models, such as a high-resolution AMOLED display, robust processor, and a versatile camera setup. While there’s room for improvement in design and thermal management, the device excels in performance, battery life, and display quality.

Xiaomi continues to redefine what users can expect from a mid-range smartphone, and the POCO F5 Pro is a testament to this commitment. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance device without the premium price tag.


Explore the POCO F5 Pro – Xiaomi’s latest mid-range marvel offering flagship features at an unbeatable price. High-performance, stunning display, and impressive camera setup.

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